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Dance by aKaiserPhoto & Royal Productions

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2020 EVENT details!

Do you have a solo you didn’t get to perform because of Covid-19 cancellations? Are you graduating and have a solo for your final year dancing you want to capture forever? What about a professional video and photo session for portfolio building material? OR... Maybe you just simply want great videos and photos of what you love to do most in life, something to look back on later and say, “Yup, that was me”? 

The reasons are endless… So, no matter the reason, we want to capture it all!

Dance by aKaiserPhoto and Royal Productions have collaborated on this high-end video and photo package to offer you an exciting new opportunity, The Ultimate Dance Photo/Video Experience. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for any level of dancer, from professional to recreational, to capture dance skills in a way like no other! With Vince (commercial filmmaker), Mike (professional dance photographer), and Brittany (artistic director), you are sure to get the most outstanding video and photos for whatever your need or desire may be. So, if you’re interested, mark August 30th, 2020, in your calendar, and let’s start planning!

This package is not just a photo/video session, but an investment. An extreme amount of planning and work has gone and will go into it before, during, and after, in order for us to make it the best experience possible, the best product ever, but also so you walk away with the best memory possible, so it is well worth every penny. We want you to get as much out of it as you can. Therefore, it also includes much more material than we would normally give in any other shoot. Plus, we offer different payment plan options (just make sure to ask)! 

On top of all the fun we plan to have

check out what else is included...

What to expect WITH your booking:


  • All photos and videos will be taken at the industrial location seen in the trailer
  • Professional hair
  • Professional make-up
  • 1.5 hour photo session (multiple poses)
  • Behind the scenes video during photo time
  • 1.5 hour video session (max 3-minute dance)
  • Behind the scenes photos during video time
  • Artistic Director/Dance Teacher assistance and knowledge for all video and photos

What to expect

broken down by Category


MICHAEL KAISER - Dance by aKaiserPhoto

  • 1.5 hours of time
  • Multiple poses in different locations of the set
  • Behind the scenes photos during video time
  • All edited, high-resolution photos of top photos/poses
  • All edited, high-resolution photos of top behind the scenes photos
  • BONUS - Full printing rights included (no additional purchases required) AND one print of your choice, up to 12” X 18” in size

Mike is never in photos! So this is the best we got lol! (Thank you Julie!)


VINCE ROY - Royal Productions

  • 1.5 hours of time, including multiple run-through video takes
  • Focused angles for highlighted movements
  • Full-length edited dance video (max 3-minute dance)
  • Behind the scenes video during photo session time
  • BONUS - All other RAW video footage (unedited) included

We love showing dancers some of the video footage and photos as we shoot! It's important for them to see all their "awesomeness"!

Artistic Director

BRITTANY CASHUBEC - Dance by aKaiserPhoto

  • Pre-planning and assistance contact for all dance related questions (outfit selection, choreography questions, etc.)
  • Present for both your video and photo times
  • Overlooks dancers’ technique, posing and execution during video and photos (corrections and guidance provided when needed)
  • Assists in determining the highlighted movements and focal angles for key parts during video takes
  • Assists in posing during photography session
  • Views final video edit to ensure all technique is proper and angles are ideal
  • Assists with image selection prior to editing in order to assure proper technique
  • BONUS - She knows MUCH more about dance than Vince and Michael lol

Brittany correcting and fine tuning posing for the best photos possible.

Have Questions? Check out THE Frequently asked Questions below!


Do we need to have a solo ready?

Although we recommend that you do, it is not required if you are able to choreograph one before the date. In order for us to provide the best product available, we will need to see a video before hand.

If I am performing my solo, can I wear my solo costume?

We highly recommend that you do not wear your costume, unless the costume matches the industrial environment we are shooting in. If you are unsure of whether it matches the environment or not, please contact us and we can help with that. Otherwise, wearing other regular danceable clothing is preferred.

Do we get to choose the song in our video?

Yes!! We expect that most dancers have their own solos with music already selected. The song choice is up to you, but keep in mind it may need to be edited to stay within the 3min limit if your song exceeds this. NOTE: We do not include social media copyright licenses for songs, they will need to be purchased extra if required. Ask us more details if you are interested.

Will I get dirty?

HELL YES! Our dancers were covered. So, you better expect it... but that's half the fun right? You just have to embrace it!

Will we be able to change outfits for the photos?

Although we don't recommend it since the photos won't match the video and your change of clothes will be much cleaner than your skin, you will have the option.

What does RAW footage and printing rights mean?

RAW footage is all extra footage unedited in its normal file format. This will allow you to be able to keep every memory possible!

Printing rights means you will have limited copyright with the photos to allow you to print (up to any size), share online, share with friends, and more. You will not be required to buy more unless the images will be used for advertising purposes.