Dance by aKaiserPhoto

I, Michael Kaiser, am founder and photographer of aKaiserPhoto and Dance by aKaiserPhoto. I am an award winning wedding photographer located in Sudbury, Ontario. My love for photography led me to my full-time work in capturing couples saying “I do” on their big special day. I cannot emphasize enough how good it feels to give people memories that will last them a lifetime. My clients’ reactions and responses to seeing their photos is what I truly pride myself in, and which I have also found in working with dancers. In 2019, Dance by aKaiserPhoto was officially established, along with the help of my girlfriend and Creative Director (introduced below). Capturing dancers doing what they are passionate about was a whole new experience and art that I really wanted to explore further. I grew up in a very artistic family, so it was no surprise when I found the art of dance (and specifically dance photography) very captivating.

My girlfriend, partner, and Creative Director, Brittany Cashubec, has 20+ years of dance experience. She trained in most genres, but grew up really passionate about ballet. She always felt driven by the grace, strength, and dedication it required. As an adult she became a dance instructor, passing on her passion and knowledge to her students. As of June 2021, she left dance instructing to dedicate more time to help grow Dance by aKaiserPhoto. Her dance expertise has been helpful in the planning and communicating with dancers, and also in helping to ensure that the dancers’ safety, posing, and technique are always “en pointe”. 

Our dance journey together began back in 2016. Brittany and I met after I reached out on social media in search of a dancer to work with. Mutual friends connected us, then we met, clicked, and arranged our first photoshoot. Even though our photoshoot ended up taking place on a day where it was -40˚C, she didn’t hate me haha! We kept in touch for the next while and everything grew from there.

With my photography skill and Brittany’s dance knowledge, we definitely make a great team! We may or may not argue sometimes about which photo is better because we both look at different things, but with our combined skills we can always get the best photo possible, and have fun while doing it!