Meet Jersey, a 17-year-old competitive dancer from Spotlight Dance Company. At the age of 7, she began dancing competitively, and before long, she was a must watch dancer, being recognized with numerous awards both for group and solo performances. On an individual level, Jersey has been amongst the best on a national level and has been named a Top Soloist at several competitions. When on stage, she is fearless and graceful, sharing many breath-taking moments through her movements and captivating presence. These qualities lend well to her favourite styles of dance; ballet, Aerial arts, lyrical and contemporary.


An excellent student, both in dance as well as in her academic schoolwork, Jersey has also completed her Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate level examination and is looking forward to continuing her technical learning this year with acro examinations.


Working closely with Dance by aKaiserPhoto through her role as Dance Ambassador has been an amazing opportunity to showcase her passion for dance. She is always amazed how Dance by aKaiserPhoto can translate emotion through photography capturing each moment perfectly. One of her most memorable experiences was to choreograph her own dance and have it available to share with the world!


Jersey is honoured and excited to be a part of the 2021-2022 ambassadors group! She says she aims to share her passion for dance through her photos and she is looking forward to doing this with who she believes is best suited to showcase her skills; the amazing duo from Dance by aKaiserPhoto!