We are so proud to have such an amazing team of talented dancers to represent our name and brand for the 2021-2022 year. We had many applications, which made our job of choosing the team very difficult. With an original plan to only have 6 dancers for our first year, we just couldn't stick to it. Narrowing our selections down more was too hard, and so here we are now with 8 ambassadors.

It was important to us to have a team as diverse as possible. Based on those who applied, we wanted to include dancers from various dance studios in town, of different ages and genders, and of different style and skill strengths. The more diverse the team, the more possibilities! Individually, they are all amazing people and dancers. Together, they make a dream team.

We love their passion and dedication to get the most perfect posing and images we can. They are eager to share their photos with you and are always supporting each other. We couldn't ask for more!

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Feel free to browse their pages below to learn a little about each dancer, and to see some of our favourite photos of them all in one place.